Episode 7

Changes Are Coming!

Written this week feeling grateful for everyone that has been part of this project thus far! Please keep sending us jobs and people you think should be featured! We love a collab👯‍♀️

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Industry Events

  • Future of Hospitality and Tourism: Strategic Insights. April 4. Online

  • Web 3.0 for Tourism and Events. April 5. Online

  • Networking for Female Entrepreneurs. April 5. Online 


2am Paddle board? Why not?

Ever wondered what it is like to live without time ? Look no further than Northern Norway, where the sun never sets between May and July. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this land of the midnight sun by hiking, fishing, swimming, or kayaking whenever your heart desires.

Join locals Inga, Andreas, and Rowan and become a part of the Timeless Society this June. They're seeking three individuals to join them as part of a promotional program designed to help you experience the magic of living without the constraints of conventional time and light limitations. Want to learn more? Check it out :

Expenses such as travel costs, accommodation, and meals are covered by Visit Norway. You must cover travel Insurance, out-of-pocket expenses, phone calls, and any other extras yourself. Additional Terms and Conditions apply

Show Me The Money!

Jones-Tschiemer Ph.D. Fellowships in Environmental Science and Policy at George Mason University

The Ph.D. Program in Environmental Science and Public Policy at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia is soliciting applications for the Jones-Tschiemer (J-T) Fellowships for students starting the program in Fall 2023. The Fellowship package will consist of a Teaching Assistantship from the Department of Environmental Science and Policy or the Department of Biology along with Fellowship funds from the J-T Fellowship Fund.

The total annual support package will be $31,000 USD in academic year stipend, $6,000 USD in summer research stipend, up to 9 credits per semester of tuition, and student health insurance. Up to 4 fellowships will be awarded to incoming students for Fall 2023.

This opportunity was posted on Twitter by user Levi Van Sant who is grad faculty at GMU and is looking to work with candidates interested in Environmental Justice and Land Politics. Feel free to slide into his DMs and build your network!

Flying Solo with Stella González

c/o Stella Gonzalez

Stella Venturosa González, MSc EMTM ‘21, has a backpack full of international adventures, numerous awards, and interdisciplinary collaborations. In January 2022 Stella dove head first into freelancing and supports entrepreneurs and organizations interested in sustainability, travel, and remote work best practices.

If you’re anything like us, the dream of working for yourself can be daunting and full of uncertainties but people like Stella are breaking down the barriers that hold so many back from achieving high levels of freedom and flexibility. However, this is not without challenges, and this week Stella broke down some of her biggest struggles to date:

Lack of Self Motivation

To combat this, Stella says “First of all dont panic, you are not the first and won’t be the last freelancer! Emotional intelligence is key to breaking through the self doubts and imposter syndrome that make you question your decision making. Pro-Tip: Listen to your emotions and shape them with the best attitude by understanding that you must celebrate each milestone and keep looking forward to more exciting projects! Join freelance communities. They will help you find like minded connections that have even more resources!”

Irregular Income

 “Maybe your last month was unexpected, but celebrate when you onboard a new client or hit a new milestone. Eventually, you learn to have your hands full for one month and then work less the next month. Pro-Tip: Use your freelancing "low season" to take new courses like social media marketing or work on your content strategy.”

Finding Clients

“Don't overthink what to post on social media to attract your ideal client—just post! You will learn to polish your content strategy over time. Moreover, word-of-mouth can be your star strategy for finding new leads. Pro-Tip: Explore other ways to connect with your ideal client by:

  • Exchanging blogs.

  • Networking with old contacts.You never know if your university professor knows of an opportunity that matches your profile.

  • Doing collaborations such as Instagram LIVE.

  • Reaching out to organizations aligned with your values.”

Self Discipline and Time Management

“This one can be challenging initially because you are your own boss. Still, many remote tools like Calendly, Asana, or Slack and creating routines can help you organize your time and establish boundaries. Pro-Tip: Identify your times of mental activity and schedule focused work during those hours. If you are a morning person, work hard in the mornings, do simple tasks in the afternoon, and focus on creative tasks like social media in the evenings. For example, I close my laptop around 4 pm to meet up with my social community and attend pole dancing class and use the evenings to work on my latest project promoting the intersection of remote work and sustainable travel.”

We invite you to connect with Stella via the options below for more inspirational content on how to be your own boss while traveling the world responsibly!

Jobs You're Qualified For

Tourism Development Field Placement @ Solimar (Georgia)

The above opportunity is from within the IGNITOUR network - please reach out via social media if interested

Customer Service Internship @ Jet Service (Basel)

Tour Leader Coordinator @ G Adventures (Kenya - remote)

Tourism Analyst @ Shirvano (Remote)

Program Coordinator @ Remote Year (Asia - Remote)

Customer Experience Manager @ Air Canada (Brazil)