Episode 9

20 weeks at it

Cannot believe we’ve been at this for almost half a year, written this week dreaming of our future impact 💥

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c/o TravelMassive

Join UnTours and Travel Massive on 31 May for a webinar exploring the role of content creators in slow travel. In this event, we will learn the benefits of slow travel, how it allows you to better connect with local communities, and tips on finding meaningful stories to tell through your content.

For our more creative readers this would be a perfect place to get your feet wet with other creators in the travel and tourism space - over 85 people have registered!

Moderator Lucia Prieto of The International Union for Conservation of Nature will engage in conversation and collaboration with international adventure seekers and creators for a great opportunity to learn and grow together!

Experience Britain

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Historically speaking, the British Empire was vast and by the numbers alone there is a likely chance that you are from, or live in a country that was once “kissed” by the Brits - whatever that may mean to you personally in the long and sordid history of British imperialism.

So why not colonise your colonisers and make them pay for it, literally? Discover Britain Magazine is hosting a giveaway for you to be flown to London and wined and dined by various luxury establishments here and there. Expect historic hotels near Buckingham Palace, fine dining, some posh countryside escape - that sort of thing.

Essentially, win the chance to explore the finer parts of the UK that the exploited resources of your ancestors paid for! The only hurdle is a single trivia question about British history - it’s an open-book exercise 😉 

Closing date for entries is 31 July 2023. The winner will be announced on discoverbritainmag.com on 7 August 2023, and the holiday can be taken between 1 September 2023 and 31 May 2024, subject to availability. Winner randomly selected. Blackout dates apply.

Leadership In Support Of The Green Transition with Erik Dallakyan

C/O Erik Dallakyan

For the penultimate episode of Season 1, we wanted to highlight someone who’s been instrumental in the development, launch, and continued success of IGNITOUR. Erik has been part of this experiment from the start, offering feedback and guidance on almost every aspect of who we are. Thank you for all that you do!

A PhD fellow in Leadership at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, situated at the University of Stavanger in Norway, Erik carries a profound passion for leadership, design theory, and sustainable tourism, who strives to create a significant and positive influence within these areas.Erik is also employed at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger (UiS) and is affiliated with the UNESCO Chair on Leadership, Innovation and Anticipation as part of an international and interdisciplinary team of researchers at UiS.

His focus on "Leadership in support of the green transition: a design thinking approach" aims to explore leadership through a design thinking lens, specifically in the context of supporting the green transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy, on the service sector in Norway.

Thinking About A PhD? Erik’s Best Advice:

  1. Research a field that is of your interest. : I cannot stress enough how important it is that if you do a PhD, you are passionate about your topic. If you are not interested enough, the rest doesn't really matter. So, if you are considering a PhD, the first step would be to identify the specific area or topic you are willing to study for years.

  2. Find the right program. : Remember that it is very unlikely that you will find a program that 100% matches your interests, but it is up to you to make the most of it to serve your personal development goals. To find a PhD program your network will be very valuable. If you already have a master’s degree, it is very likely that your professors will share some PhD opportunities so leverage them and alumni also.

  3. Ask yourself the right questions. : Do you want to teach or only do research? Look into what the expectations are of the program. Are you able to financially support yourself during the phd? If the answer is no, then the most important criteria is to find a funded phd. PhDs are considered a student in many countries, however in some countries (in Scandinavian countries for example in Sweden and Norway) PhDs are considered employees and are paid an above average salary.

  4. Prepare a strong application and be ready to interview. : Pay close attention to the application requirements and ensure you meet all the criteria. Craft a compelling statement of purpose that outlines your research interests, relevant experience, and motivations. Write an initial project proposal to showcase your interest in the field and reflect that you put time and effort into it. Remember you do not need to be an expert in the field to apply for a phd. What is important is your motivation and willingness to learn.Try to get feedback from your professors, friends, or anyone from the research community. Show how your research interests align with the program's strengths and emphasize why you believe you would be a good fit. Be confident, articulate, and enthusiastic about your research ideas. Read about your supervisors, programe, and the institution. And prepare questions.

  5. Finally. : Remember that PhD is a long journey, and it is not the top of academia. Unlike many people might think, this is actually the bottom of academia where you start learning the craft of researching. And keep in mind that many people will give you ideas about how to shape your project, which can be useful but 99% of the time it won't directly be related to your goals so don’t get overwhelmed by other people’s dreams!

Feel free to reach out to Erik directly with any specific questions!

Jobs You're Qualified For

Sustainability Intern @ Otrium in Amsterdam

Central America Operations Coordinator @ GAdventures in Costa Rica

Associate Junior Revenue Manager @ Radisson Hotels in Dubai

Engagement Coordinator @ BSR in USA

Sustainability Researcher @ Hanover Communications in Brussels

Hospitality Talent Recruiter @ Hosco in Barcelona

Sustainability Coordinator @ Aviko in The Netherlands