Episode 5

Who Runs The World?

Written this week in awe of all women and girls that truly make the tourism world go round. Thank you for your service to this amazing industry 👸🏽

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Industry Events

  • International Women’s Day In Travel. Mar 8. Online

  • Graduate Apprenticeship: Hospitality and Tourism Path. Mar 9. Online

  • Destination Cannabis 2023. Mar 10. Online

Course Recommendation

The course, which is available through atingi.org, is part of the pioneering ‘Centre Stage’ project which is putting women’s empowerment at the heart of tourism development. Aimed at National Tourism Administrations, tourism businesses, tourism students and civil society organizations, it focuses on the importance of gender equality, why women’s empowerment matters and what steps can be taken to advance diversity and inclusion efforts across the sector.

Show Me The Money!

Government Language Scholarships

Whether you have an interest in studying language or higher education in the local language, some key countries offer extensive funding and support to pursue intensive language study and/or a bachelor's, master's, or PhD degree program.


[ Tuition waiver, living stipend, accomodation, medical insurance ]

Travel stipends are available for certain programs

Two Key Examples:

The CSC Chinese Government Scholarship and the Türkiye Scholarships. Both are eligible to international applicants with the former funding over 63,000 students in 2018 (international students represented in China from 196 countries) and the latter hosting students from 178 countries and providing 5,000 fully funded scholarships in 2021. The Türkiye Scholarship also offers short-term and joint programs for certain specializations (including performing arts) or academic/professional opportunities for those wishing to receive exposure to Turkish culture.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship summer program is eligible for U.S. citizens and permanent residents currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program within the U.S. wishing to pursue intensive language study. Language credit, room and board, travel, and visa assistance are included. Previous language knowledge is require only for specific languages.

International Women’s Day 2023

March 8th is International Women’s Day and for this episode we wanted to share ways you can support women in practical and accessible ways guided by the UN Centre Stage Project aimed at strengthening and coordinating efforts towards gender equality in the ongoing tourism recovery.

  1. Use your platform (of any size and medium) to support women’s organizations, women’s tourism cooperatives and women’s business associations in order to promote and protect women’s rights to work and at work and increase gender equality in tourism recovery.

  2. As a consumer, engage in gender-conscious purchasing by buying from women’s enterprises before you travel as well as locally during trips which results in more gender-responsive supply chains, to make sure that women’s businesses are central to tourism recovery.

  3. Engage with women during your travels. Take the opportunity to talk to women in the community, whether it's the women who run your accommodation or the vendors you meet along the way. You will learn more about their lives, the challenges they face, and gain appreciation for their unique contributions to the local economy.

  4. Consider donating to local organizations that support women's economic empowerment, such as microfinance organizations, women's cooperatives, and nonprofits that work to support women entrepreneurs in the tourism industry.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, and only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential for improvement of the overall experience for women and girls within tourism, by supporting the recovery of the most affected group of the tourism workforce we can contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable tourism industry that benefits everyone in the community.

Jobs You're Qualified For

Assistant Editor @ National Geographic Traveler in London (hybrid)

Media Manager @ Singapore Tourism Board in Singapore (hybrid)

Tour Manager @ CEPA in Europe (Multiple Locations and Roles)

Marketing Officer @ Visit Cyprus in Amsterdam (Multiple Roles)

Corporate Travel Consultant @ Egencia (APAC Remote)

Research Specialist @ TUI in Europe (Multiple Locations)

Hospitality Operations Intern @ Selina Hostels in Lima